Our Story

Our Story

“She Could Have Been A Dream, But She's as Real as it Gets...”


Calm, confident, smart and sexy. She is the complete package. Born out of saltwater and sunshine, her veins pump the lifeblood of hard work and success. This Stoner Chick is smart, quick, and has trimmer-sharp wit. She knows how to takes care of business like a boss, then downshifts just like a classic beach cruiser, turning chill into art-form.
Stoner Chick threads are the first thing a Cali-Girl reaches for back on shore. That classic California hoodie, holding the echoes of last night’s bonfire, laughs with good friends, smoking those dank budz, and making shooting star wishes for those kinds of night to always last. She picks clothing inspired by fuzzy-eyed mornings, with no care for the time, spent burrowed in blankets; Of the times she found her own rising match that of the sun. 

 This Stoner Chick gets shit done and has more fun!

Always true to herself, she knows of no other way to be. This Stoner Chick lives in step with her own tides, moves to her own beat. Swaying between the demands of a busy work-week and staying in tune with her spiritual side. Anchored by family, friends and a cannabis lifestyle, she can't help but picture her life, all these great parts, summed up in her mind’s eye as one of those killer Enchilada’s rolled tight like the ones she gets down by the wharf.
Holding it down in SoCal, you find yourself surrounded by climates that change on a dime. Having yoga-like flexibility in the choice of your clothing quickly becomes a must-have, not just a desire. Some clothes are just staples for those that live for the moment. The next big adventure doesn't always wait. So, if you are anything like this Stoner Chick... you know life's often lived best... when you just jump in and own it and let it take you where IT knows you're supposed next.
When setting out to design our exclusive, introductory line for Stoner Chick Clothing line, it just made sense to go with what we knew best. Gathered here is the premier selection of “High” Fashion Stoner Wear. Bringing comfort and style Stoner Chicks and Toker Dudes that allows them to represent their views with modern, style forward stoner wear.
Sure to appeal to SoCal natives and a variety of other places, our stylish and comfy long-sleeved Tees can easily be deemed just as useful as a compass. The right beanie brings you style and comfort, taking the chilly edge off the air. Just like your favorite cannabis strains, our threads are designed to make you feel good, look great stay authentic to yourself at the same time.


So here we are! We only just fired this thing up on  4/20 2016 but already, we are excited and can't wait to share all the great things we have in store. Here is a taste:
Stoner Chick brings more weed friendly items new styles, and Tees.
#DayBuzzing holds a question that may just find answers in the coming weeks.
***Also, look for additions like jewelry, hemp products, lifestyle accessories and tons more!
Tell you friends and visit here often to support Your new brand where you'll always look great and feel even BETTER, knowing that, as a socially-conscious company, Stoner Chick Clothing is actively planning to donate portions of our profits to various charities.
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