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What-The-Actual 2016 ?! ( a review of sorts...)

Happy New Year 2017
Well, that's it! We made it. 2016 is officially over and it couldn't have come soon enough for the one of the staff writer's here at I wonder how many others out there felt a little confused as we move into the next chapter...2017

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My "Pound-A-Day" Cannabis Adventure

My Cannabis Pound a Day
I was determined to make my way up to a pound a day. I knew it would require dedication but anything worth doing takes hard works and a 1/2 lb just wasn't going to be good enough... 

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**SpEcial HaUNtEd EdItIOn**

Haunted Edition
Last minute plans for Halloween? Have you even noticed that it is Fall yet? 
Returning Guest Blogger Daniel Seifried chimes in on how they do it up in Mad-Town, WI...

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