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Blog Intro


Well, hello there...again!

It is either by a sheer show of inner determination or just dumb luck, that you have stumbled upon On High Authority  presented by!


So what is this intriguing collection of cleverly crafted content all about?

Honestly?!  Hell, if we know!

To tell you the truth we are all just kinda winging it here, but hey! You are more than welcome to come along for the ride!

I guess that you could choose to call us a "journal", "diary", "manuscript", "serial", or "whatever-the-hell-you-want." That is as long as you don't mind calling us the wrong name and possibly looking a bit like an ass... 'cause yeah... we're a blog. Let's not complicate things, but whatever man! No stress either way. :)


If this is your first visit to On High Authority you can definitely (maybe) expect to find all (or none) of the following media morsels for your viewing pleasure:


What We are...

  • News of some sort
  • Lots'o  Cannabis Culture Stuff
  • Satire and Self Depreciation
  • Upcoming Events near you (or ones that you totally missed out on)
  • Random sprinklings of nonsensical... um...nonsense
  • A-Healthy-Portion-of-Increasingly-Hard-to-Find-Instances-of- Common-Sense-in Action (While supplies last!)
  • VITAL KNOWLEDGE that you absolutely NEED to know or you will DIE! (It could happen!)
  • A more than ample supply of sentences, images and other shit that you probably never needed to know for any practical reason, but once you learn it you can never go back
  • Amazing Cannabis Facts (Here's a freebie... wait...nevermind...lost it)
  • Various guest stoner contributors, rambling on about very important, life changing ideas. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)
  • Discovering WTF #DayBuzzing is!
  • Lifestyle, Trends, Breaking News, and other generic sounding categories that we have been told help build a boring, comfortable setting as suggested by the increasingly popular eBook, SEO or My Big Toe. (Written by the very talented Billy B. a recent graduate of Miller Junior High and nephew to Stanley in Marketing)
  • Edible Creations and Recipies that will have your tongue "buzzing"
  • Totally unsubstantiated opinions based solely on one writer's desire to be "hip" with the "hipsters" but not in a weird, creepy old guy way, ya know?
  • The rare gem of a culturally relevant and revelatory Op-Ed piece that no one will read... because Bieber.
  • Reports from the growing Industry of Irie and innovative trends
  • Hopefully, a ton of other cool shit that is so much better than anything listed here. We would love to tell you more but apparently these yet unmentioned content ideas were so awesomely awesome that refused to be stifled by such outdated and archaic practices such as appearing in written form because quote... "We won't be labeled by labels and labeling things like words." (We are still waiting for someone to explain what the fuck that was all about. No one is holding their breath)


 What We Are NOT...

  • TRICK QUESTION! Let's not put up limits! It's all about acceptance and allowing free thought and speech to flow...ya know?!?  (But Trump sucks, he has lost his fun card. If you are looking for some racist, bigoted, hate speech I'm sure you can Google Fox News or something. No room for that bunk shit in our circle, ok?)
  • Oh...and NO-YOLO... just... nope. Please don't.


Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? The challenge has been placed in front of you. Time to step-up or cower away. Time to look into that chamber your buddy left uncleared and ask yourself... play it safe and blow it out?... or go for the glory and clear it correctly, even at the risk of spending the next 10 mins of your life coughing up a lung.

Whether you choose to explore On High Authority or turn tail and run -  trying to forget what you have seen here; The decision you make RIGHT NOW may just follow you for the rest of your days.

There is no room here for half-measures or for pseudo-stoners bearing a weak constitution. Gut check time boys and girls. ... do it now or you may never get this opportunity again.

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