The Ballot: 2016 Marijuana Initiatives

So here comes the election folks.

The DNC saw a lackluster line-up suddenly burst at the seams thanks to Bernie Sanders stepping in to fill the vacuum. Unprecedented amounts of voters made it to the primaries to keep him pushing forward on a platform that made progressives drool, the DNC turn red in the face, and Pro-Tokers begin to hope that this could be the year that Marijuana legalization and law reform could hit the federal level like never before, making the path to federal legalization jump years ahead of projections. 

Not So Fast!

Well, Bernie got Burned. Big money wins again, and Hillary has become our Obi-Wan in a pantsuit... not as our "only hope" against big-money, election reform or involvement in foreign military operations. No. She has one mission alone and after that, it may be anyone's guess as to what she does during her potential 2nd stay in the white house. For now she simply has to beat Trump and keep him from building a casino in the oval office.

But hey! Let's look at what we do have coming up that we can vote for in confidence!

The legalization Line-up

Three states have OFFICIALLY declared cannabis initiatives to be on the 2016 Ballot. Another 9-10 are still iffy, but we will keep our eyes open! So who are the BIG 3!

I give you:





    Though  Medical Marijuana is being prescribed in over 2 dozen states to date, only 4 have approved the legalization of the sticky-icky for recreational use since 2012. (Though this author has his own hang-ups about those two terms, "recreational" and "medical" but that is another article, for another day).  2 out of 3 states here are pushing  for full legalization and taxation.




    Maine is really stepping up to the plate on their initiative that calls for a 2.5 oz personal allowance and up to 6 plants,but it still all depends on the vote even with over 65% of those polled supporting the measure.





    Nevada would seem like a no-brainer, and it is positioned to pass according to recent polls, but you can never cash out your chips 'till the dice stop rolling in the city that never sleeps. Though I'd be tempted to go all in on this one.





    Florida may not be voting for recreational use but the fact that they seem poised to pass the State Constitutional Amendment needed for any sort of marijuana law reform does say something about the popularity of the measure. The last check showed that 65% of those polled were in favor, topping over the 60% required for the constitutional change.


    Is the Best Yet Come?

    With the possibility of  9 more states getting in on the pro-stoner bandwagon this November, (California being a safe-bet among them), this could become a historic election and opportunity to get the federal government to comply with what over 58% of Americans nation wide agree-

    Quit jailing people-

                       Start studying the health "benefits" that have been documented, and

                                               Clear the Way for states to decide for themselves.



    I am excited to see what happens. No matter what I think that the Pro-Cannabis agenda is headed towards a very eventful couple of years to come. (Even Trump says go for it!)


    ***UPDATE 7/28/2016***

    Current Ballot Measures Confirmed for November



    What are your thoughts? Care to share in the comments?




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