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In case you spaced it out, here is everything you may have missed this month in Cannabis related news.

ALL 50 STATES set to be GREEN certified! DEA set to announce... The War on Weed is almost over!                                (bum-bump-bahhhhhh)

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But the DEA flaked and screwed up the schedule... "DEA declines to loosen restrictions. Marijuana will remain a Schedule I controlled substance,along with heroin..." -CNN.



Big Pharma breathes relief and their lobbyists schedule vacations guy buys a Rolex because...


8/5/16 - 8/21/2016

Olympic Gold celebrations in Rio could include "Acapulco Gold" after the events... (Though there remained a no "doping" policy during the events themselves to avoid any unfair advantages)


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A sweet boy died at 15. Jack of "Jack's Law" in CO passed away this week.

Well known as an inspiring advocate for medical marijuana reform in CO including recent landmark legal victories for Cannabis reform ... Jack was, and always will be cherished as so much more than any one cause or political statement.... that in the hearts of those that were lucky enough to have known him as more than a name in a headline his greatest value was just to love and be loved in return.

Jack Splitt, 15 was a son, a brother, a friend, and role model.

He is gone now and he is missed. Familiar tears and those of strangers across the globe are welling at the reality of your departure.

In the days, weeks, and years that follow those are the most beautiful and heartbreaking truths that go beyond any politics, any agendas. Those that loved him most will  miss his smile and his presence, his spirit and laughter... proud to have shared the precious little time given them, and inconsolable in the depths of their desire to have just another moment to see him again

This is not a story about Pot, 4:20 or even the fact that medical Cannabis treatments allowed him his only respite from debilitating pain so he could have some way to build friendships and relationships impossible before. This is just a moment to recognize Jack and his family as fellow human beings struggling and hurting, laughing and crying just the same as we all do. To often we forget our own humanity and that we are all a lot closer to each others than we believe.. 

God Bless.

My heart is with your family Jack. Thank you for sharing a small part of your journey with all of us. Thank you for being a role model, and I know that your parents were proud of you everyday and look forward to seeing you down the line a spell.

Safe travels... namaste  


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Oregon Fair "Buzzing" with excitement from Marijuana exhibition.

It's the first time living pot plants have been open for public viewing at any state fair nationwide.-USNews.



...Stay Tuned for #thedailydope September

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