What-The-Actual 2016 ?! ( a review of sorts...)

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Alright, well just in case you missed it, we here at Stoner Chick Clothing have tossed together a review of the past year, if for no other reason that to try and figure out...

"What the HELL Just Happened?!?"

Really, I think it can all be rationally explained as the result of the meeting of several factors...

                        ...when people are scared...and weary of...wait...

..If we turn to history, we see that when presented with a stagnant governing body...

                                       awe hell..I give up. I got nothin'.

I guess I could bullshit ya' and probably sound pretty convincing even to myself, but the truth is that I have not even begun to sort through what has been going on this year on all fronts. It must be something to do with the alignment of moon and stars.   


To prove the fact I will share that I just sat here for damn near an hour trying to churn out a fitting analogy or anecdotal tale that would ease us all into a slightly better understanding of recent events... you know... like a fairy tale and shit. 

We've got Russia going full on "cruel and unusual" with their destabilization tactics. A president who intentionally encourages divisiveness and violence between neighbors. ...Sarah Palin (Yeah, she is still a thing...)

What we are living through now is more like a really bad Reality Show that is such an absolute trainwreck... you can't help but watch, but there is still nothing you can do to stop it.  

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That's why I am happy to take the keys out of the hands and put this year safely to bed and behind us... 

"Sit Down Twenty-Sixteen, You're Drunk.."


This year, this election, has been VERY personal for myself and I am willing to bet, many of you out there reading this as well. Perhaps personal isn't the best word to describe the complexity of the "feelz  I am trying to express; a better word may be intimate. Not in the sensual, sexy sense of the word.  More like:

...Finding out your roommate has been using your toothbrush "accidentally"         ...for over a month..



...or intimate as when you reluctantly sit down on a public toilet to discover it is still... very...warm..  moments before you are about to escape, some crazy twisted bit of fate decides to gift you with a rogue splash of the blue bowl water...


...Last one... If this year was a person it would be a "greezy" stranger wedged in next to me in an overloaded elevator on the way to the 23rd floor.

The frustration at losing any semblance of personal boundaries only exacerbated as he just stands there looking at me with goofy ass smile lacking any hint authenticity.

All the while, bombarding my senses with a pungent mix of nicotine, coffee and halitosis. worsened by eye burning levels of cheap aftershave he must have bathed in, perhaps thinking it would mask the smell of slow decay emanating from his every pore... 

*ding* ...floor 4 ^.



Well, you get the idea. It has been that kind of year. I am not going to go on anymore trying to capture the essence of the thing, ('cause I know I am just not nailing it down correctly) but I think some of you may be following me still.

After all that has come to pass and in spite of whatever this next year has to throw at us, perhaps there can be a bit of  cautious optimism shared between Cannabis Proponents and Advocacy Groups that the cause can still come out on top with a "W."  It is hard to fathom otherwise as we head towards building the pivotal momentum needed to achieve critical mass. States are now split down a true 50/50 centerline with 25 now staged to be toker-friendly.

(Even Florida broke ranks to open the door for medicinal use.)


25 States now have laws in place that support regulations being enacted and some form of acceptable use policy approved on the state level (be it labeled medicinal or recreational is really a matter of semantics to this observer.)

Now for what to do about Big Pharma... but that can wait for another day. Until then here is a nice little graphic from Business Insider showing the increasingly pro-legalization, or at least a "marijuana-neutral"  sentiment  backed by states that are finally reflecting the will of their citizens in a way that the federal government seems, as of yet, incapable or unwilling to match.

Marijuana Map

Source: Business Insider

...One for the Road 

...well here is a bit of granola before you go... just a perspective to consider among others... I can't offer any "nuggets" of wisdom but here is a portion of Trail Mix while you're on the road. I don't know where we are headed but I know this much... ... no matter who has the rei(g)ns, red or blue, black or white, green or purple, at the end of the day, the ability at which our nation remains working "For the People" depends directly on the level at which those in power are held accountable "By the People".

It was our mandate handed down from our founding fathers to,warning us to stay vigilant in our duties. Liberty was never a right nor a privilege, but rather an honor and a responsibility. A duty to stand guard against tyranny and abuse of power that was to be born with intention and prudent resolve during times when the burden weighed heaviest, but perhaps in the end  the greater risk was in those ideals  becoming corrupted from complacency and a reluctance of the people to risk doing anything that might  disrupt their day to day lives.

We the people are the 4th Branch of governmental checks and balances and as long as we remain a Democratic Republic, we have the most power to exact change and enforce accountability, together. If we can just remember that we are all in this together. No matter the differences in how we think we should get there, Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Independents ...we all LOVE our nation and want to see it thrive and prosper. To see families strengthen, children grow and have dreams even greater than the generation before.

Take but a moment to look around and it is usually easy to see we are all MUCH more alike than we are different. Don't fall victim to fear tactics meant to separate and divide us away from our true strength as a people... each other. We are all seeking the same freedoms and liberties to live our lives and raise our families in peace.

When it feels the most difficult to choose patience and empathy over lesser, more basil paths; those are the times when it is the most important and rewarding to your own personal growth to stand firm. Let's build something together, not burn it all down. Take your anger and use it to fuel a revolution of involvement not build a wall of fear. Sometimes wall are to protect you...and sometimes the are built to keep you tucked away and in place. Make this the year we push our way to the train and see who the hell is driving this thing




May your days fill one by one with fond memories and your Budz always be Kind. 



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