Edibles Edition: Wake & Bake

Welcome to the first installment of On High Authority: Edibles Edition!  Every week we will be bringing a mixture of Cannabis infused recipes and core cannabis cooking staples/practices supplied by our in-house enthusiasts, tried and true resources, and even from our followers via guest submissions and contributions! 

So forget the long introductions and let's start our day off right with a good Wake & Bake! This week we have a guest contributor sharing a few faves right from her own kitchen, and straight into your own collection.

  Idea! There is an easy printable at the bottom of the page for easy reference.

It is an awesome thing when you are able to start out a day with good company, great conversation, and a KILLER  Cup O' Joe.  Even better when it is with your budz!



Joe's Perfect Cup of Wake and Bake

Cannabis Coffee

This pot of "Pot" instilled coffee greets DayBuzzing with a nice little jolt to help amp up our day! The perfect blend of cannabis and caffeine, for those on the go and those who take it slow. Get every morning started off right with this Perfect Cup from Joe.

Cannabis Coffee Recipe



Blue's Kushy Muffin Tops

Cannabis Blueberry Kush Muffins

Warm and Kushy, soft and pillowy, just like everyone's favorite couch that we have all loved to huddle around and fall mindlessly back into. Blue's Kushy Muffin Tops are sure to become a crowd-pleasing, munchie-satisfying, go-to creature
comfort at your Stoner-Home!

Cannabis Muffins



Moe's Mo Betta Canna Butta


Butter! Bake with it, Spread it, B-AAAAAA-K-E with it! (KNUGDE...KNUGDE) It's butter! It's CANNABUTTER! What's Mo Betta than Canna Butta??? Moe's Mo Betta Canna Butta! This simple, low-key recipe is a MUST! Use it every day in nearly all your recipes.

Idea! Stoner Chick Healthy Substitute- Replace 1/2 LB Butter with Coconut Oil for a healthy substitute! Does NOT taste the same, bake quite the same or caramelize like butter. But an AWESOME non-dairy substitute.


Idea! Double the recipe to have this awesome staple on hand ALL the time!!!

We now have Moe's Mo Betta Canna Butta! Spread over muffins or use in your favorite baking dish.



Don't Mean to Boast...But...Wait?... What the French Toast!?!

WTFrench Marijuana Toast

Straight from the sandy WestCoast, Stoner Chick brings in waves of reviews with this low-key DayBuzzing, Cali-Girl inspired version of a Stoney-Classic! 

...and no, we "Don't Mean to Boast...But...Wait?...What the French Toast!?!" is living its own Stoner Chick lifestyle! Made and prepared the night before from leftover bread, infused with delish Canna-Butter to kick start your DayBuzzing, this dish is so dank it had to be BAKED!!! So pop it in the oven, sit back, chill, prepare to seize the day, embrace your fuzzy-eyes, enjoy "Joe's cup of Wake and Bake" while savoring the sweet aroma of this homemade, baked yumminess that is. We "Don't Mean to Boast...But...Wait?...What the French Toast!?!"

Cannabis FrenchToast Recipe



Stoner Chick's SoCal Smooth-ee'

Cannabis Infused Fruit Smoothy

A quick and easy, totally healthy, grab and go meal for any Stoner Chick's lifestyle!

Cannabis Smoothy Recipe with Fruit

Did we miss something? Well yeah! You're damn right we did. That way you have a reason to keep up with us! Don't worry, we are sure to have another round of Breakfast and Brunch Infusions pop-up, right long the Best Desserts, Main Courses, "Baked" Goods, and of course, Munchie!

In the meantime, I thank our Guest Contributor for sharing her recipes and her test samples, too!  We all worked really hard that day and I can report that operation, "Wake & Bake" Stoner Chick style, was a success. She really went all out in opening her kitchen to bring us these great Cannabis Recipies to start out our series.


Do you have an all-time FAVORITE edible that you would love to share with all of your Stoney-Friends here? Tell us about it in the comments! Start a recipe exchange. Our if you want to be a future guest contributor, simply throw us a line and let's see what we can work out!

Be sure to hit us up for a round of "Munchie Recipes" next week. My mind is already blown... I mean, munchie foods for when you have the munchies... that actually GIVE you ...the Munchies?!?! WOW. Shenanigans are sure to ensue. Don't miss it.






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