So what the hell is DayBuzzing?  Is that and bake? Is it an exclusive group only open to the unemployed, day-drifters that have no worries about walking onto work- red-eyed and cheez'n from ear to ear?

Pot or Not?

Ok. Yeah! I guess it could be!  ... but really we are talking about something a 'lil different here. DayBuzzing here really has nothing to do with how much pot you smoke or even when you partake. 


DayBuzzing is state of mind


                                    ...a state of living

                                                       ... a state of being.


There is a feeling you get when you are with the best people, on the best adventures, or discovering awesome new things. THAT is #Daybuzzing my friends. The BEST kind of high.

Moments Matter

Alcoholics will call it a "moment of clarity" but in our overworked, over-stimulated, over-whelmed world, we are all looking for those moments that fill our soul and remind us that we are more than our job, great than our socio-economic status and most importantly.. not as alone as we might think.

See we are all on this ride together, and for every one of you thinking that "no-one gets it" that you are an island unto yourself.. let me tell ya... there are so many islands out here that we could make a nation if we'd just our hearts out loud more often.

Bat Country?

Well, that is what this article series is going to be about. I'm not sure where we are going but I know that it involves love, acceptance, friends, finding joy, discovering ourselves and creating authentic "moments' of clarity with or without the aide of Cannabis in our lives. 

Are you ready for the ride? (Got your ticket? lol )

Well, here we go. If you sign up at the bottom of the page we'll keep you in the loop. If not then come back often and hit the comments. 

How do you DayBuzz? When do you find your keystone moments in your life? Share and let me know! 



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