OHA: Edibles Edition

Introduction: A Word from our Kitchen

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, if you like to Wake N' Bake in more ways than one, I believe you have stumbled upon the right place.

Keep up with this series as we look at the best recipes for your taste buds as well as laying out the ground rules for creating awesome cannabis-infused edibles in ways that provide the best experience for your senses and won't leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

There are a million reasons why you may decide to start cooking with cannabis. From the medicinal benefits, to the difference in an "ingested" high, to choosing edibles as a delivery method that does not involve the lungs by either vapor or smoke.

Regardless of you incentive, let's get a few basics down so that you can get to cooking and experimenting in the kitchen without wasting your stash, over-"doing" your buzz, and making sure that you are creating treats that TASTE as good as they feel.

i. The Basics to Cooking with Cannabis.

Well, you don NOT have to be a chemist to cook with cannabis but there are a few things to keep in mind as you get started:

THC and ME!

Firstly, cannabis fat-soluble and not water-soluble. (Steeping into a tea or such will not get you high per-se, though there has been noted benefits in doing so that reach beyond simply catching a buzz.) That means that to release the THC you will need to use heat as a means to infuse your nuggets into an oil, butter or other dairy type product. Consensus is to create a marijuana oil or butter, and then use these in recipes. This will be the MAIN method explored in our series though the use as a garnish or in a raw state will be touched on as well.

"Too Much Man, I Took Too Much!" 

While I could get into specific measured amounts of THC for the optimal high, the truth is that individual tolerance, body weight, desired effect, cannabis strain being used and so much more all factor in and it would be impossible to offer "specifics" to your unique situation without just bullshitting you. So let's just say that on average the general rule seems to be half a gram per person if you are using buds. Use a kitchen scale and adjust as needed for your desired intent and situation. If someone feels anxiety or too lethargic remember to just let them relax and come down. (No one has died from cannabis ingestion though an unpleasant experience can be a real bummer.)

Not TOO Hot!

Heat is needed to release the THC but TOO much heat can degrade and spoil the batch. Don't "brown" you butter or oil and longer cooking times should use temperatures below 325º F. (If you decide to be a lazy pot-head and use the microwave then you are on your own. Google that shit and good luck!

Flavor Flave!

Ok so are you try to JUST get high? Then go smoke a blunt. If you want you food to taste great as well then you need to balance out your butter and oil creations so that it will get you both HIGH and ELEVATE your taste buds. Experiment! We will have some great ideas in the next parts of the series but it will ALWAYS come down to tasting and adjusting.

Patience with the Process

The amount of time that it takes for you to get a buzz will be varied and you really should take it slow when trying out new recipes. I great feast with friends can be ruined if in your rush to catch a buzz you put everyone down for the count with a hefty dose of "Sleepy-Time" at the wrong time and dosage.

Golden Rule

NEVER NEVER NEVER give edibles to anyone that is not of legal age, OR that has not been FULLY informed of what they are putting into their body. "Slippin" someone some pot-brownies might bring a giggle at the though but the REALITY is that giving any chemical, drug, or "Plant" without consent is considered "Assault" and is a dangerous thing to do anytime to anyone. Give the Cannabis Culture a good name and don't be a dolt. Always inform and educate before sharing you awesome edible treats.

Check Out the next post in our series "Wake N' Bake" as start our series that will explore treats from Breakfast to Midnight Munchies, in the weeks to come.

(This Blog does not promote or suggest that anyone go against the local laws in their area in regards to the use and consumption of any cannabis related fair. Check with your local laws before doing anything that could put you in hot water)

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