A Letter from the Editor

Hi there!

Welcome to my new blog, On High Authority. (Do you see what I did there? ;) )

I hope by now that you have had a chance to check out the Stoner Chick store. At least looked through the hot clothing and accessories, and maybe even hit me up on the social pages like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

On High Authority is my favorite place to share everything that stoners like us want to know about.. You'll be sure to find topics on what in the News, Cannabis Culture. the Marijuana Industry, Upcoming Events, Festivals and what ever else might cross our minds over here!

I am hard at it, getting great articles lined up, (written by yours truly of course) as well as by some of my awesome stoner friends! In the future maybe even you! (more about that soon.)

Be on the lookout for a steady stream "blog-bytes" coming your way in the in the days, weeks, and months ahead. 

Very soon, my budz and I will try and bring a smile to your face, break down myths, facts and straight-up shenanigans that have been passed around the circle... and in the end, really just try and have a great time.

So check with us soon and often! Every week you can be sure to see awesome new stuff coming your way. I’m working on a subscription feed for the die-hard Stoner Chick fans, so don't be scared to sign-up and even follow us on a social network or two!  

Oh, and PLEASE, share our page, articles, products or anything else you like about Stoner Chick.  We really don’t mind! Make sure to pass us around like blunt, to ALL of your family, friends, co-workers, strangers, weird cousins, and favorite quick-stop attendants. Don’t be a bogart! lol Sharing is caring.

I' do my best to keep you up-to-date on EVERYTHING StonerChick.com related, from the OHA Blog to new arrivals in the store. Even discounts just for supporting us here from the start, and being such a “highly” regarded new friend!

So many great things are happening and I can’t wait to share all of them with you! Get registered early or just say hello by dropping me a line if you get a chance.

... Don’t  forget! - If you heard it  “On High Authority”, then it’s sure to be true.


  Stoner Chick

Stoner/Editor (aka the “High Chief”)

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